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We are often asked what we use to care for our horses and present for competition. Everything we stock we use ourselves.


Here at Enmore Park Dressage we are dedicated to developing our horses and riders to be the best they can be.

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At Enmore Park Dressage we use, recommend and supply a selection of quality equine products from Effol hoof care to Pikeur riding attire. To help you take the guess work out of selecting quality equine products and to give you all the best trade secrets we have created an online store for your convenience.

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Jody Cavuoto's review on effax Leather-combi +

I just love the Effex and Effol products. I have used them for more than 30 years. Ever since Manfred from HRW brought them to Australia. I use them on a daily basis. The original Leder-Combi is a wonderful product for cleaning your gear on a daily basis. When Michelle asked me to try the new Combi + I was delighted with the results. I love the spray bottle and foam or just the normal spray. I find the spray & foam great for cleaning high up under your saddle in the hard to reach parts. It doesn't run and you have time to wipe it with a sponge. It cleans beautifully and removes dirt and grime, making your bridle and saddle look great again, as well as conditioning them beautifully. I highly recommend this product. Thanks again.

Jody Cavuoto A Level Dressage Judge Dressage Coach Grand Prix Dressage Rider

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