What’s in our Tack Box on Competition Days?

We have a few tricks in our Tack Box when out competing to ensure our horses look amazing...

•Tame that mane, Proplaits keeps our horses manes in place. It really does make plaiting easier by controlling any frizz and holding plaits in longer. I have even been known to use Proplaits on people as I love this product so much!

•For extra bling White Braiding Tape. What I love about our White Braiding Tape is it’s already cut to thickness. That means no messing around on competition day trying to cut tape down to size, making it quick and easy to use.

Effol Superstar Shine for easy grooming and a brilliant shine. It’s great for detangling, reducing damage and unwanted breakage for a full mane and tail.  It really does give an all over Superstar Shine and feel to our horses coats plus it smells great! 

•For next level grip without a sticky mess, Effax Balm with Grip Technology actually conditions your saddle while providing extra Grip. Products that give extra grip are often used by professional riders especially overseas. Great for sitting trot on competition days and definitely one of my favourite products from Effol Effax.

First impressions count, especially in the competition arena and these tips will help you to have your horses looking their best with ease on Competition Days.